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Our Vision

Marx Biotechnology is looking to build a stand along company both diagnostic and pharmaceutical based on its own products. Our goal is to develop a full prototype and get one of our diagnostic products to market, then utilize that income to grow the company.

Once Marx Biotechnology has the full prototype and a product on the market, our vision is to introduce a new diagnostic kit every 3 to 5 years.  In parallel, we will be  improving on existing offerings, expanding markets, and continuing therapeutic development. 

1 Year Plan

Within the next year Marx Biotechnology (MBT) will have its first patent issued (US, EU and IL), an initial prototype, initial data in humans, a clinical trial that will be in progress for proof of concept data in humans for graft versus host disease (GVHD) and for preeclampsia (PE)

IP is essential for the biotechnology industry. Marx Biotechnology (MBT) has two patents that are in the final stages.MBT has already submitted a Pre-IDE to the FDA. We have had a conference call with the top FDA official and we have received an NSR letter from the FDA allowing us to move forward with our discovery trial. 

5 Year Plan

Within 5 years MBT will have its diagnostic for GVHD on the market with revenues for the first year of around $7M. MBT will also be completing its second diagnostic kit for PE and progress with theraputic development.