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Application: Diagnosing GVHD

Graft versus host disease (GVHD) kills approximately 10 people every day.

Doctors currently identify the disease only in its 3rd phase, via painful, time consuming, and inaccurate biopsies.

Effects of GVHD


of Organ Transplantees diagnosed with GVHD will die


of Bone Marrow Transplantees Will Get GVHD


of bone marrow transplantees diagnosed with GVHD will die


approximate number of bone marrow transplantees who die every day

marxbio biochip

A Better Way

Based on our unique understanding of GSK, we have established a better to identify the onset of  GVHD. Our simple blood test can identify the disease in its 2nd phase, before any physical symptoms appear.

The sample is applied to a protein chip with a unique set of biomarkers. We analysis the results, utilising with our unique knowledge of the workings of the GSK-3β molecule. This work allows us to identify abnormalities in the protein and thus diagnose a patient with GVHD, all when there is still a much greater chance for effective treatment.

Market Size

The total market in the US, EU and Asia for GVHD –Diagnostic is $650M, including both bone marrow transplants (BMT) and organ transplants that cause acute (a)GVHD.

However, Marx Biotechnology’s blood test can be applied tonumerous disorders (for example graft versus host disease (GVHD), preeclampsia, cancer, inflammatory bowel disease) with each disorder being a potential market including diagnosing, monitoring and patient treatment.

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